One Zero One Identity is a Visual Poetry of Binary Numbers

Where are designers supposed to get some inspiration from? Off course, in the ideas that make their brains illuminate! As for me, I'm an admirer of binary numbers. First of all, it's a great invention which allowed us to devise the Language of the Machines. Now we have computers which significantly changed entire civilization. Secondly, binary numbers reflect global dualities of Existence such as night and day, inhale and exhale, kindness and evil, life and death, and etc. One can trace philosophical interest of humanity towards what is stands behind binary numbers to the Taoistic duality of Yin and Yang, and Christian Theology. Moreover, binary numbers withhold the simplest mystery of transformation and encryption. Let's take the code 101 and transfigure it to a decimal number. Now it's a number 5 and classical Numerology leads us to a completely different semantical field with the occult significance of a number and produces a pile of meanings that hadn't been there a second ago. One of these interpretations tells us that number 5 designates a major Roman god Mercury which had a distinguished feature: he could unite dualities together and was regarded as the inventor of all the arts. Oh, wait! it's come full circle, right? Phew... Now we can eventually make some fun t-shirt and tote bags with One Zero One Identity.


Art Director and Designer—Roman Vlasov